Reply To: Save States


I have a suggestion

Please include save states as a ‘hidden’ option. Something like going to Advanced Settings and tapping the IP button 13 times in a row. This would show a strong warning about the unreliability of save states and dragons will be dispatched to roast any users that try to ask for support or complain when the feature fails. And users who mention save state failure in a bad review may be reported to credit bureaus (I don’t suggest you actually do so). Then prompt for confirmation. Not yes/no confirmation, users must type “saves are un-rely-ible!” in a text box (misspelling intentional). Then whenever Magic Dosbox loads, or the user saves a state, a message overlay shows “saves are unreliable”. Properly warned, let users take the chance.

I would attempt to use the feature for games that crash frequently and have their own built-in saves that are not of the save anywhere anytime variety. Frustratingly, crashes seem to often happen _between_ progress and game save opportunities. Save states, for me, are merely a convenient failsafe option between conventional saves. If the state fails, there’s still the conventional save. I’ll chance it for the convenience if it works.