Reply To: Neccessary control improvements for flight/space/mech-sims


Hi thank you for suggestions.

Yes I remember problems with Eye of Beholder and I did not forget. Sorry for delay, I want work on that when I finish new console mode. This is currently my biggest focus. For that purpose I bought shield tv from donations. Having perfectly working mDosbox on shield tv will hold my interest on this device for a long time.

First point is easy and I can add it to next version.

Second point is hard. If I remember well, I added possibility for increasing dead zone. Having dead zone at maximum reduced this problem, however problem was not removed. I want fix that. Is something like this implemented in other emulators? Maybe I can contact author and ask. I need example.

Third point is very good idea and will be implemented after I finish new console mode. In next version you can bind key widget and profit from dbl tap.

In addition, after finishing new console mode will be added special menu like weapons picker. You will be able modify each menu item and uts functionality.