Reply To: Dosbox difference on Android and PC


Ok, I tried on Shield Tv. At vga max settings is perfectly fluent. At svga max settings is almoat playable, however I feel fps drop. I used tweaks : sound blaster 2.0 instead sb16 and i set cycles=max 120%

Probably I had my game configuration somehow corrupted. Before, the sound was fitful/jerky, now it is clean. And the game is now “almost” playable. But the problem wasn’t fixed by setting SB2.0, the game now works even with SB16.

However, my SM-T580 tablet seems to be not powerful enough for this game. The game is playable only with compromises – VGA, reduced screen-size, restricted look-ahead, many features off, and the FPS are still not excellent. I feel like 20 years ago when my PC wasn’t powerful enough to play the game in SVGA.

According to the Doom benchmark, your Shield TV is more than twice faster than my tablet. That’s why the game is playable for you, but not for me.

Anyway, thank you for your help.