Reply To: Windows 3.1 error


Unfortunately I didnt add mounting floppies to ui, you must do it in expert settings, command looks like this :

“WINST” is folder with floppy images

mount c: “/storage/emulated/0/Download/WINST”
imgmount a: “/storage/emulated/0/Download/WINST/1.img” “/storage/emulated/0/Download/WINST/2.img” “/storage/emulated/0/Download/WINST/3.img” “/storage/emulated/0/Download/WINST/4.img” “/storage/emulated/0/Download/WINST/5.img” “/storage/emulated/0/Download/WINST/6.img” -t floppy

change to a: and start installation

then when you are asked during installation for another floppy, press “change cd” from general settings