Reply To: Deadzone for Master of Puppets? Bag for Telescopes widgets? Turnable widgets?


Hmm, if I understand well, you want place image (not widget) on the screen and then assign it deadly strike widget ?

Flip will be nice feature, but it is very hard and very easy for programming. It is very easy if I use continual drawing, but very hard if I use lazy drawing.

Continual drawing means draw 30-60 fps on screen every second.
Lazy drawing means draw only if dosbox sends data to draw (or if I force drawing, when needed (opening/cosing bag)

Continual drawing is bad, because drawing 30-60 frames per seconds drains battery a lot and leads to phone heating. Increased heating means less cpu power – dosbox performance is degraded. So I avoid continual drawing as much as possible.

By lazy drawing you don’t know when next frame will arrive, so you can’t return flipped button back to normal state, because you wait for dosbox drawing event. Dosbox can send 1,2 frames per second, then 0, then 35, etc. Like I said, there are situations when I force drawing again (even dosbox sent nothing), but I choose wisely when, it can’t be often. But button flips very often.

I can add flipping to lazy drawing, but you must accept graphical glitches. I mean, I will higlight and de-higlight when dosbox sends data to draw. In praxis, button may ignore highlight or will stay higlighted to next redraw. Not very nice.

In addition, you can enable “synaptic feedback” on button if your device has vibrator