Reply To: How to install games on Magicdosbox windows 95???

Al ex

my suggestion: Use a smaller (e.g. 512 MB) C: drive image that contains only your Win95 installation, and use alternating 2GB D: drive images. On this D: drive image, copy the iso file of the game you want to install, e.g. with UltraISO, then use Virtual Clone Drive in Win95 to mount this iso file as cd-rom. You can then install the game from the virtual cd-rom drive to your D: drive, and play it from there.

Advantage: you can create multiple layouts for multiple games, and mount different D: drive images. I’m keeping six 2 GB image files on my external sd (it’s 128 GB, so I’ve got lots of space), so I can play 10 different Win95 games whenever I want.

You can create the .mgc files yourself. One part is the dosbox setup, in this case expert settings, to run Win95, the other part is the onscreen buttons layout. It’s all stored in one .mgc file when you click on export, but you don’t need download any such file to use Magic Dosbox. They’re only for layout sharing.