Reply To: Relative mount path



So sorry I’ve missed your emails, they were caught in the spam filter..
It looks like you’ve made some progress, many thanks for that!

I understand there’s no such thing as ‘running a programm from path X’. Therefore, what I’d like to see in MagicBox is that, inside the game configuration, I can choose an absolute base path (like “/storage/emulated/0/Games/Dos/Dune2/System”) path. With this base path, it would allow me to mount drives inside dosbox by relative paths only, relative of course to this base path.

Note that this base path is *not* my C: drive in dosbox. I will manage the mounts of drive C (and others) myself inside dosbox in an autoexec.bat file, and the idea is to be able to mount them all in this relative path fashion, like
MOUNT C "../GameRoot"
MOUNT D "../GameExtra"
MOUNT X "../../Common/Tools"
instead of
MOUNT C "/storage/emulated/0/Games/Dos/Dune2/GameRoot"
MOUNT D "/storage/emulated/0/Games/Dos/Dune2/GameExtra"
MOUNT X "/storage/emulated/0/Games/Dos/Common/Tools"