Reply To: Crash on Startup


No nothing yet. Google rewrote arn&crashes page and they removed quick crash report notification. Now I must navigate through 2 submenus to get to fresh crash reports. But I don’t see nothing new. Crash and report is now trashed to more pages and is not very intuitive. On each page I see generated report from date to date. Each date ends with 13.6.2017, seems google play generates reports to one day behind. So wait to next day, hope the report will arrive.

But this crashing is really weird, two things come on my mind :

1. Your device may have trouble with access to root internal storage. In this case Magic Dosbox can’t create core files and folders and will crash.
2. Your device does not like PopupWindow (welcome screen) what appears after each installation.

For both points I can make test applications, but let’s wait first to next day, hope your crash report will arrive.