Reply To: Daggerfall gives black screen on immediate startup

Al ex

In some cases, the menus are awfully heavy on the emulation. Warcraft 2 is the best example, it’s a pain in the main menu, but running butter smooth even on weak devices.

Depending on your device, it doesn’t matter much. My S7 Edge (Exynos) can handle all this easily. But on Snapdragon cpu’s in general, or older phones/tablets, performance issues can occur.

I’d suggest you use either cycles=max 105%, or, more elegantly, the auto/limit cycle option:
cycles=auto xxx yyy% limit zzz

    • “xxx” is the minimum value, forced on the cpu if necessary, which can even lead to sound stuttering
    • “yyy” is the max % value. 105% is the highest setting, and will tell Dosbox to run at max 105% whenever it can go faster than the initial “xxx” value
    • “zzz” is the upper limit. It prevents Dosbox from exceeding a certain amount of cycles. This is useful to prevent speed inconsistency. You can set this to 1000000, but in this case, you might just as well use cycles=max 105%.

I just saw that I made a mistake in my .mgc file: it says cycles=auto 30000 105% limit 30000, which is of course rubbish, because it forces Dosbox to run at 30000 fixed cycles.

So I’d suggest something like this: cycles=auto 10000 105% limit 30000