Reply To: Extreme Assault (low framerate)


Thanks for reply, really appreciate it!
I tried it your way, and it indeed works much more bearable, still bit slow, but it’s much closer to 100% playable state than I would ever get it myself, I guess. Thanks a lot for help!

Speaking of phone, it’s pretty average, but it is capable of running rather decent-looking games on medium/low settings.
I can run PSX games with no problem (Retroarch), and it runs Dreamcast games with quite nice ~55 frames per second (Reicast). DOS and DOSBOX are quite specific though, and it’s kinda tough to emulate that stuff. I’m amazed that IPX connection worked through and I was still able to set up a multiplayer session with various platforms (PC and Android). I don’t see that degree of compatibility often, nowadays!

Though, I went out of my way to get Android emulator on PC, and tried using Dosbox with the game working, and indeed, performance was a lot better on here, even with bigger resolution and more details on, so the phone is most likely the main culprit of choppy gameplay :p

I might get some proper hardware for the job, but that’s gonna be rather far future. For now I’m gonna tone down my ambitions (to be brutally honest, I’ve been trying to set it up partially just for the sake of setting it up, I just enjoy tweaking around games).

Thanks for the help, again!