Reply To: Extreme Assault (low framerate)



I just played with this game settings. You are right, game is heavy on emulation. I own Honor 5c and at default settings it was very choppy. Honor 5c has better processor for emulators, nothing awesome, but good. First I only lowered game details, but it was not enough. Then I disabled sound and it was better. Here is what you can try :

1. in setsound disable midi and sound.
2. disable sound blaster in game profile
3. set custom performance instead automatic

Now start game and in general settings pick option “cycles/power”. Increase cycles to 40 000 or so. Try tune cycles. Then you can try enable sound (I recommend Change sound blaster 16 to Sound Blaster 2 in game profile + set frequency to 16000)

I checked your phone and it seems to be slow for emulation. If I can recommend, search for phone without snapdragon processor. Snapdragon cpus are not recommended for any kind of emulator. Good is shield tablet, or my brother now bought Honor 8 and it provides very good performance (twice better then my Honor 5c).

Try setup everything without expert settings, these options are more optimized. Or if you want use expert settings then I recommend press button “Get” on right side of main program. It generates dosbox config to clipboard and you can paste it to expert settings

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