Reply To: Age of empires 1 not working because of low vram

Al ex

No problem. I don’t think there’s such things as necroposting here. Not a big forum, so most posts are quite old. 😉

The setup process is quite easy, actually, especially when you have already managed to install Win95. You simply download these hdd images. Then unzip the 2GB image, copy the AoE iso file to it, mount it as drive D, and run Win95. Best use either Virtual Clone Drive or a (very) old Daemon Tools version, mount the iso file as CD in Win95, install AoE to your C: or D: drive, and you’re good to go.
I prefer to keep a small 512 MB C: drive, with only Win95 and some tools and drivers installed, and use multiple 2GB D: drives, to install all my games. This way, I can create lots of different game profiles with different touch screen layouts, and mount the according D drive hdd image.

WARNING: make sure you’re using the correct hdd settings, or Windows won’t boot up, or spam error messages. For the 2GB image, it’s 512,63,64,1023. These values are included for all sizes inside the zip file I’ve linked to above.