Reply To: Age of empires 1 not working because of low vram


Hey Alex .. Im New to this Dosbox software thingy .. recently i just went on a windows95 installation guide on magic dosbox and now i have my windows 95 running with every drivers install on my android phone.

So i was searching of a tutorial on how to install Age Of Empires 1 on Magic Dosbox.
Could you teach me the full way to install it? Im a total noob when it comes to this so please help me out. I dont even know how to start. Cause literally don’t know how games installation works on MagicDosBox as im new to this. So please if you willing to help me , give me a full tutorial including what config to use for AOE1 and where to get them.

Pardon me for re-commenting on old threads but since I need lessons on how to install AOE1 and its in the right thread right? 😛