Reply To: swipes don't work?



try this layout

I configured swipes to screen scroll and double tap to zoom.

But swipes works slightly differently then you know it from android. You must swing quickly over screen to the side. I configured swipes to keys. Now they fire key up,down,left and right. Each swipe direction has enabled “Do key up on next touch”. This means : swing does key down and screen scrolls. Next touch stops screen scrolling. It may need some practice. You can disable “Do key up on next touch” and then it does short scroll.

I use virtual dpad for scrolling, but now I got another idea. I must test it first.

EDIT: Ha, it works! This is first time what I tried it, but seems works. I must check one thing tomorrow, because I think it should work somehow better, but it works. Try this

Alex, if you read it then here is answer for something what you requested years ago 🙂

Some time ago was added feature what allows swipes run deadly strike. This makes possible short scrolling. I setup deadly strike this way :

1. action key arrow down
2. rest 600ms
3. action key arrow up

I think the same will work for mouse movement and nicely allows short screen scroll.