Reply To: Magic DosBox system req?

Al ex

No problem, you’re welcome.?
5045 is really slow, I’m sure there can be done something about it.
– as mentioned above, set governor=performance, if your phone is rooted
– try fixed cycles. Start e.g. with cycles=12000, and increase the value in increments of 1000 until the sound becomes choppy.

The SD 410 in the Galaxy A5 is very comparable to your cpu, and identically clocked. So you should be able to achieve at least something around 4000 realtics.

For future reference: should you plan to buy a new phone, and intend to use Dosbox or any other demanding emulator (Snapdragons are terrible for PPSSPP, too), look for either a Tegra K1 device, or a Samsung phone which uses their own Exynos chipset. Samsung also build Snapdragon devices, so look carefully. Both Exynos and Tegra chips are easily twice as fast as their Snapdragon equivalents at identical clock rates.