Reply To: Magic DosBox system req?

Al ex

OK, that explains it, I guess. Your phone has a Snapdragon 200, which is very low end. Doom might sort of run, as well as any other 286/386 game. Wing Commander 1&2, Ultima 7, Ultima Underworld, there are many great you can run more or less well. But Daggerfall is too demanding, that sinply won’t work, sorry.

But I’ll try it on my tablet, it’s pretty much in the same league: an entry-level quad core cpu @1.3 GHz. It scores ~3900 realtics in the Doom timedemo.

Speaking of which: just follow my post above. Download the shareware version from here, unzip to your DOS game folder.
Launch Magic Dosbox. Start the Doom shareware version with the following parameters:
“doom -timedemo demo 3” (without the quotes, of course).
This will start an automated demo, which will run in slow motion on your phone. At the end, you will be dropped back to the DOS prompt, and at the top, there’ll be your result: “Scored 2134 gametics in […] realtics”. The realtics value measures how fast your phone can run the demo. Lower values are better.