Reply To: Relative mount path


..No, I am sorry, I exactly understand your request. And what you need makes perfect sense. I know you put a lot of work into making these batch files. And I spent a lot of time for making confortable gui in hope that nobody will never need something like this, and you are first who sent me this request after three years:) First I wanted refuse it, but after all…well, I can look at this. Version 49 is almost finished, but I can work on this feature and v50 could have it. The reason why I am not so happy is because in gui I can control input values very well and I can immediatelly warn user in possible problems. Loading images in gui prevents a lot of issues what people face when they type it manually. And not experienced people like to blame or spam with stupid questions – mostly because they did misspelling. …but I face it already, so why not to add it:)