Reply To: GPD XD – trouble mapping diagonals on the 4way dpad or analog sticks



yes, adding 8way joystick is not a problem. It is already implemented in virtual joystick (Master of puppets). Physical gamepad currently supports

  • 4way joystick – 4 directions (mostly up, down, left, right). Here can be enabled diagonals, so nearest directions are fired together. For example left-top direction fires left and up keys together.
  • diagonals joystick – 4 way, but in diagonal directions

    You can bind first type to left stick and second to right stick

    In previous beta was for a while implemented true 8 way joystick, but working with this type was hard and it did mistakes. For example :

    numpad 7 numpad 8 numpad 9
    numpad 4 Middle numpad 6
    numpad 1 numpad 2 numpad 3

    8 way joystick looks like circle with 8 parts. Each part has 45°.

    Let’s say you move analog stick from middle to top-left direction. You must hit 45° angle (not so big angle, in 4way joystick you must hit 90°). Analog stick reports X and Y coordinates which are converted to appropriate direction. can really hit top-left angle, but during stick movement you can easily enter left or top directions. In this case is top-left direction finished and is started new direction. This does mistakes. It was reduced significantly when I set big deadzone, but it still did mistakes, so I better removed it from v46. The same issue happens when stick moves to side as well when it returns back to deadzone – in both ways you can jump between nearest directions. And I don’t know how to solve this issue. 45° is small. How it works in other emus? I’ll be happy for any idea what can lead to solution.

    Here is how the 8 directional joystick works:

    I was thinking about it last times and I one probably usable idea come on my mind. At beginning if you are in deadzone I can calculate which angle you hit (just like now, without modifying algorythm). Then if you change direction (f.e from deadzone to left-up) then I will not check joystick’s axis against 45°, but I’ll increase the active angle, f.e to 65°. This could avoid jumping between nearest directions.

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