Reply To: MS-DOS 6.22, BBS/Telnet server, SHARE.EXE?


well surprisingly you do not need share for any of these programs.
This one runs flawlessly – no issues. everything you need to run your systme is built in. YOu can even access anything in the config that you can in dos, you can remotely via sysop menu – that is an extremely rare feature (One I am implementing in my BBS). I ran this for a bit, but it was too solid – i got bored bc I like getting my hands dirty LOL

If you want to run iniquity and other “elite” systems, the best way to do it, is to run GameSrv BBS Door server. This program was written by a friend of mine to run “a” door as a server – much like you would world of warcraft, oly you could just run Tradwars 2002, where the user would log in then BOOM they are at TW2002. But with some elbow grease, you can literally make GameSrv as fully functional BBS (which is what I run).

I have never in my recent bbs history run a BBS with dos box! ew – thats for gaming

to run doors and other “dos” 16bit systems, you need netfoss.
using the line

example a mystic setup would be:
\netfoss\nf.bat /N%1 /H%2 (%1 = node, %2 socket) \doors\lord\start.bat

Another thing to keep in mind, you cannot run the WFC on the old “cool looking” BBS, you need to use some type of fossil as they are set up for TELEPHONE only. no net. I have gotten telegard, iniquity and RA working under Gamesrv.

Not sure I can post links here. but hope that gives you all kinds of ideas 🙂