Reply To: Age of empires 1 not working because of low vram

Al ex

Dude, your Windows 95 installation is broken. This has nothing to do with Dosbox, and you’ll have to dig a bit deper to get things running, I fear.

OK, try this:

1. Use a Windows/Linux PC to set this all up first, because it’S much easier to handle! Once you got it running, copy the files to your phone/tablet.

2. Visit Roland Deschain’s xda-site

3. Download one of the 3 versions; to start with, I’d suggest version 3.0 (Win95-based); click on the sentence “2)c] Version 3.0 runs slightly faster since its based on win95 but only has DX8.0 support and therefore doesn’t run as many games as V1.0.
Use this version to play games on a slower device that don’t require DX9C support.”

4. scroll down the page a bit further, and you’ll see the correct mountings for the hdd images. As you can see, I’m using the 512 MB setting for my C drive (Win95 installation only), and the 2GB settings for my D drive (ISO images and game installation folder.

5. Download this file, and unzip either the 1GB or 2GB hdd image. Be warned that although the download is very small (500 kb), it’s only because these images are empty. When you unzip the 2GB image, it will be 2GB in size!

The reason why I’m using a seperate D drive is, that I can copy/install ISO files/games to multiple D drive images, and exchange them.

Good luck! 🙂