Reply To: Might and magic 3


Hmm, ok in mDosbox let all settings on default :

Memory 8MB or 16MB
Performance : auto or set custom and inside game 6000 cycles
Sound card : Sound Blaster 16

On pc install mm3 with support for sound blaster.

Now, very often is problem with transfering files from pc to android device – files may be broken during transfer. To prevent it do following:

Make Zip file from installed folder with mm3 on pc. Transfer zip to android and extract it there using some unrar app from google play. This way you will be sure that files are not broken.

Try load extracted game with mDosbox.

If it still fails, then try install game with disabled sound card. Transfer it to android. In mDosbox profile set sound blaster : disabled. If it starts fine then you’ll know that trouble is in bad sound card settings

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