Reply To: Better Swipes


Hi Eddie,

oh, last post was before 4 months …? The time flows…Unbelievable. Unfortunately no. Good is that I meanwhile I implemented and fixed major problems like

– many devices have broken keyboards and could not send keys to mDosbox. This was solved with inbuilt keyboard
– many people use external gamepad, but there were many issues what prevent correct working.
– virtual joystick didn’t work correctly for fps games

All was fixed. Last 10 days I refactored whole wrapper side because it limited me in further development. This all is now fixed and I can continue with new features. I still have trouble that many people who don’t like current icons and titles. Refactored source codes allows me now something like simple “theming”.

Eddie, I am not sure if I can implement zooming with two fingers. It can clash with other gestures, but I can find another way. May I have some questions?

what do you exactly expect from zooming? You want increase some part of screen and continue your game like before zooming? Only the game will be zoomed?

As I wrote before, two finger will probably clash with widgets + gestures system. But what about this solution :

I can create new widget. Maybe it can be called “Eagle eye” for phantasy theme and “Zooming” for standard theme (will be released in one of next versions). If first finger holds “Eagle eye” widget and second taps somewhere on the screen. The second finger points to area what will be zoomed.

Or maybe better solution. First finger holds “Eagle eye” widget. While holding this widget system will omit gestures and you can do zoom in/out with another two fingers.

what do you think?