Reply To: It's a great program, however


Hi, no problem, you can have as many question as you want;) Btw, I merged your last topic with this one, because I think this should be here.

Please, was that sweeper program “Clean Master” or else?

And to restore. Let me first explain background. Magic Dosbox introduced first version of backup system in last version. It’s not perfect and next version will get more improvements. Magic Dosbox creates “MagicBox” folder on local storage and saves all settings there. Backup takes this folder and creates backup file in zip format. Backuping process excludes some folder like “Temp” or similar.

Currently there is no import functionality in program, because backup contains core files what can’t be replaced when program runs. This requires more sophistical restore functionality and I will work on that in the future.

Now, just download Total Commander, or something with unzip ability and unzip backup file somewhere. Then start Magic Dosbox. If you extracted this file to original location then Magic Dosbox finds these settings automatically. If you extracted file to another location then go to “Global settings” and update “Data directory”. Confirm and restart program.