Reply To: It's a great program, however


Damn, this charges me more and more. Kalistan, please can you describe what you did before it vanished? please check whether the MagicBox folder is really empty – without “Data” folder. This folder is created with first added game. Or check how many hashed folders are inside.

I know two reasons when it happens

1. If you uninstall application – I never experienced this, but it happen to one guy. I have no details, but he probably he uninstalled app through google play. And seems google play or android cleaned MagicBox folder

2. System cleaner app – this is really serious problem. I tried contact developers of this app (will check name of this app in emails history). This app simply removes MagicBox folder.

Android recommends store applications settings/data or whatever inside special folder located /storage/Android/Data/…

But whatever I saved here is removed during app uninstallation, or after some time. This is reason why MagicBox folder is outside and stored in root of main storage or sdcard.

But damn, seems android and cleaner applications lead aggressive war against this workaround.

Exactly because of this was added backup system in last version. You can create full backup of your settings and send them to dropbox. You are prompted to do so after 7 days of last change. But this is too late seems…

Ah, damn, how to beat it?