Reply To: Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss


Ultima Underworld I:


Some information:

Tablet: Telekom Puls, 1280 x 800

Aspect ratio = on

This one is in german language.

The game interface is designed to play with the mouse. Playing with my PC it is very comfortable. But with a tablet or phone it becomes very exhausting after some time.
The good news is: The game is playable with mouse OR keyboard.

Using mouse you have to place the cursor in the main area (right hand). You are able to move with “Mouse left” (left hand). Check manual for more information.
I am using the joystick to move around. It is in 8-way mode but only 6 directions are in use.
“Schnell” speeds up, “Jump” jumps.

If you want use the mouse, but I suggest to use the three red keys on the right. You still have to aim with the mouse in the main window if you are using long range weapons or spells.

Looking around:
Simple turn your character to the direction you request. “hoch sehen” = looks to the ceiling, “runter sehen” looks to the floor an “normal” turns back to standard view.

To fly touch the two blue keys in at the bottom right. (I never used them but maybe next time I play the game.)

The “Maus-Navigation” in the upper right toggles between absolute and relative mouse.
Ultima Underworld runs pretty good with absolute mouse. But sometimes my finger is to fat to manage inventory.

Move cursor very fast from the left to the middle of the main window and to the right.
Double click moves the curser counter clockwise.

Very seldom you will need a keyboard. Since the last Magic Box Update you can add the new one, which is really good.
Or use “back” instead to open the standard keyboard.