Reply To: Save States

Al ex

Plus, ykhwong’s build is unstable and partially broken, and some features aren’t well implemented: just compare ykhwong’s lousy, distorted MT32/GM emulation to the perfect sound output in MagicDosbox :), or the save states you mentioned: they work 90% of the time, but they also break every now and then, which can be rather frustrating. And people would get mad if they paid for an app, and then e.g. Warcraft 2 wouldn’t run – which it doesn’t in the ykhwong build. At least the one I have on my PC.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m using ykhwong’s build myself most of the time, and I think it’s really cool because of its many features, but it has some nasty bugs that simply aren’t suited for a “professional” app release.