Reply To: Better Swipes


Hi, thanks for suggestion.

I must say truth;) I was thinking about the answer several hours. 6 directional swipes were implemented before first official release, but people who tested it did many mistakes when they tried to swipe in correct direction. Reducing direction to 4 solved their problems. With 8 way swipes..I am aware it could be much more harder.

But…with different swipes schema it could work better. What I mean. Now you can start swipe anywhere on the screen leading from starting point to any point on the screen. Difference between starting point and ending point is used for direction calculation.

But maybe we add second swipes schema. We can split screen with 3 lines to sections. Imagine circle and split it with 3 lines to sections. Something like this, but a bit rotated. If you do swipe then system can check in which section was swipe started. Starting point picks section and you can set swipe action for this section.

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