Reply To: Newbie looking for some help

Sir John

Hi Tony,

Many thanks for this.

I will anyway take a closer look at widgets, ‘Deadly strike’, macros and try out some Function Key widgets.
But appreciate any help you can give.

This DOS-game was forbidden by the author and distributors of ‘Siedler von Catan’ and one has to look around for it. I found this side its the first item you are looking for – ‘Jens Willibald’.
This is in fact an english adaption, but I have found no differences to the original version.
The game ran nicely in a standard win-window. Under Windows 7 one required DosBox – again no problem.
Its worth looking at – if one is into board games. ‘Siedler’ is now a bit long in the tooth, but still cult under the so called “German Games”.

Thanks again