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thank you very much for question. Unfortunately, absolute mouse may and may not work for MS-DOS game. Problem is that games can change mouse position to custom location and may not report this change to ms-dos. In this case cursor gets desynchronised for absolute mouse. It’s because dosbox only guess where cursor currently is. If game reports this change or does not manipulate with cursor at own then absolute mouse works fine.

In many cases you can fix desynchronisation with “Special” widget set to “Mouse reset”.

Diablo 1 has similar problem and one guy Alex did nasty hack for that. He closes inventory with “Deadly strike” (macro) widget. This macro has 3 actions :

1. Key action set to letter “esc”
2. small delay (90ms)
3. mouse reset

He made similar macros for various actions like close invertory, close menu, …and mouse is in good state for major part of time.

Please can you post name of this game? I will check it.

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