Reply To: Launch a Magic DOSBox game with ARC Browser (or any other app)


Hello again,

ARC Browser new release is out !
All my Magic DosBox can be launched by ARC Browser.

There is the steps :

  • Create a directory with empty files named as game ID with “game” as extension (for example : “[gameIdHere].game”)
  • Open ARC browser
  • Create a new system named “DOS” with the following parameters :
    • “game” as rom extension
    • “bruenor.magicbox/bruenor.magicbox.uiGameStarterActivity” as emulator component
    • empty as action
    • empty as category
    • a parameter named “intent_msg1” with value “%rom_filename_noext%”
  • Refresh “DOS” system roms without scrape
  • Edit “DOS” system roms with “Fix match using different name” to get correct name, description and box

Thank you for yor help.