Reply To: Daggerfall?


Here is my first draft of a daggerfall .mgc

Some notes:

– Designed for Nexus 7 (2013)
– Designed for screen size set at 86%, Aspect Mode
– Movement widgets are meant for moving forward and backword, looking up and down.
– For turning, I make use of Daggerfall’s on-screen mouse (by touching edges of screen to turn left or right. I find this way I don’t get conflicts with dpads and the on-screen mouse.
– In the Daggerfall game settings (in-game), set the swing weapon mapping to M1 instead of M2 — this way, you don’t need to really use the right mouse button at all in the game (I didn’t map a widget for right-mouse btw).
– In Daggerfall game settings (in-game), enable full-screen mode — this gives you more visual real estate, and the widgets replace any of the icons you’d see there anyway.

Lastly, feed free to modify/improve as you see fit. This is pretty basic and utilitarian. 🙂