Reply To: Custom Buttons



I’m working on new design mode which allows a lot of these function. Probably I split the update to 2 updates due a lot of work.

>-Add a function to set the size value of a button
You can change size with floating menu, but in new design mode you will be able set size manually

>-Add a function to copy a button
will not be added to next update, but will be added

>-Add a function to set the position value of a button
Position and size of widget can be changed in design mode with floating menu. But in new design mode will be this much more user friendly

>-Add a function to set the key of a button to NULL, >because some games need STRG+ALT left mouse or other
You can set key to STRG and check on alt, this does not work?

>-Add a function to automatic hold the button until i do a leftklick or press the button twice (in c&C you can hold STRG for force attack or STRG+ALT to guard target automatically)
This will be added with new control scheme

>-Add a funktion to copy a hole layout to a other game
You can duplicate profile, but I plan list widgets from other profile and you can import them to another one.

>-Add a function to a button to show and hide other buttons
its on todo

>-Add a function to let a button blink by activation
No, this will be not soon, it can be done, but at cost of battery. Emulation is heavy on battery, so we won’t use some functions. Maybe there will be added flag which can enable this, but with big warning

>-Add a function to a button by holding them
Please can you explain that a bit more?