Reply To: Imperium Galactica 1 – Request for cd 2 not working


No worries, I was out of the country as well. I’m in no hurry either way, it’s cool if we can get it to work if not also fine. Already quite happy with Magic dosbox because it allows me to flawlessly play some of my favorite old games on android.

I’ve mounted the root folder of the game as drive C. This is were the imperium.exe file is located. The game also runs fine that way until it requires CD2.

I’ve also noted the that when I exit the game, I’m returned to the CMD prompt. IF I type D: there it indicates that it can’t find the drive. So I might have done something wrong there I’ve added both CD’s as IMP1 and IMP2 based on the original iso files using the CD-ROM part of the setup. I’ve also tried added the folder as a CD, because the GOG version doesn’t seem to have any ISO files in it and as far as I can tell from the config files it’s only mounting a C-drive.