Reply To: Got some ideas for MagicDOSBox


Hi, welcome back:)

Please what do you mean with:

“Ability to move the actual game screen”?

– This one, some really old games will have a low resolution and on the large inner screen of a folding phone, it will sometimes use the top left of the screen, leaving a good chunk of the screen just a black bar. Can we move or center the screen of the game to place the screen where we want?

“Global Control scheme” – this is problem, there is too much specific things related to profile. What exactly do you want to have stored globally?

– This one would probably only be for the external controller/Voodoo Control. Essentially just create one main external controller scheme for everything(global control scheme) with the ability to change only the things you need in the game itself. Pretty much, for a vast majority of games, you would use a very similar control scheme.

Another few suggestions would be:

When creating a new profile, give us a button/checkbox that pastes the Folder name into the name of the profile.

When exporting a profile, automatically deselect the Expert Commands checkbox. I’ve done some exporting and this issue happened multiple times, where the Expert Commands would be selected from the previous profile and it would have all the info of the previous game and override all the other settings.

A key that when pressed, will swap one control scheme with another one. (May be in there, but not sure where.)