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Hi everyone, I bought magic dosbox a while ago, and became busy with life and forgot all about it. I have been bitter with android gaming for a long time, and once I started playing with this thing, it’s like I see android gaming in a brand new light. I can install dosgames to my children’s tablets and they can actually play the games I had so much fun with as a kid 🙂 Anyway, back in the day, my favorite sort of game were simulators, so I’m going hard at making all the sims I played back in the day playable on my tablet. This is awesome by the way, it is actually better than playing them on a computer, because in simulators a lot of the mental work is memorizing the keys you need to activate systems in the aircraft. In MDB, you can just visually see the button on the screen and press it. In the case of F-19 (below) I actually made the cockpit clickable.

Anyway, You can find attached my first two created profiles for one F19 Stealth Fighter (1988) and one for Apache (1994).


F-19 Stealth Fighter

They both include everything you need to fly and fight laid out on the screen HUD-style. No custom graphics were used (but I may revisit this later).

One last thing:

A feature suggestion for our kind benefactor:

I am currently trying to create a profile for Indycar Racing, and the fact that we cannot separate the X / Y outputs of the joystick in the onscreen control widget is an impediment to getting a TON of really good hardcore (for the DOS era…) racing games on android. A simple set of checkboxes in the configuration screen for the joystick with:

[x] Output X
[x] Output Y

With both being checked by default would solve this.
Then I can create an acceleration stick on the left side of the screen with

[ ] Output X
[x] Output Y

and one on the right with

[x] Output X
[ ] Output Y

Then we can have separate controls for x and Y in racing games, which is super important and would be awesome.