Reply To: Trying to map BSP D8 controller to Magic Dosbox on android, having issues


Hey, thanks for the reply, i have some idea on how Dosbox works, i have Dosbox-x and Exodos on my PC.

The game is Nascar Racing and it supports 2 joysticks natively. only thing you can setup is the sound. When i enable native 2axis joystick emulation the game recognizes only one joystick (left) which calibrates in the game. I have controller with analog triggers and i would like to map them to the throttle and brake axis. I can do that no problem on PC in the Dosbox mapper, but i still haven’t figured out how to map axis of my controller to Magic Dosbox mapper (the controller i have has 6 axis, 2 joysticks and two triggers, so i would map joystick 1 to left joystick and joystick 2 to triggers). I can remap buttons and d-pad just fine.