Reply To: Play games larger than 2GB in Win95…?


Hey, sorry for the necrobump, but I also had been looking into 2gb+ hard drives and/or Windows 98 Emulation for Magic Dosbox, since I had trouble getting Planescape Torment (the Android app isn’t available for my smartphone, so I used my old CD copy) and Fallout 2 RP 2.3.3. working (following the online guides enabled me to get RP 2.1.2b running, but not 2.3.3.). I eventually got both to run by installing Windows 98 in the Dosbox Pure Core in RetroArch on a PC and then copying over the resulting Hard Drive image to my smartphone and loading it up on the latest RetroArch version for Android (the stable release from the libretto site, NOT the one on Google Play. Both run okay, but I would prefer if they could also run in Magic Dosbox, since I prefer the latter’s usability and the ability for setting up custom hotkeys and macros (I kind of kludged a solution together by mapping custom keyboard keys to the Virtual Gamepad in RetroArch, but it’s definitely not as user-friendly).

Anyway, I kind of stumbled over this statement by Al Ex:

“2GB is a hard limit in Win95, the OS simply didn’t support more back in the day”

But that’s not exactly true, isn’t it? Win95B and Win95C *did* have Fat32 support! I think the problem doesn’t lie in the Windows version, but the *DOS* version: Regular Dosbox emulates MS-DOS 6.22, which only had FAT 16 support. For Win95B or 95c with FAT32 support, you’d need a MS-DOS version 7.1 (from Win95B) or 7.1.5 (Win95C) as a base, respectively (which Dosbox-X actually switches to when mounting a hard drive image over 2GB in size).

So the question is: would such an Upgrade to one of these DOS versions be doable / feasible? Or am I missing something else entirely?