Reply To: Some games work better with Magic DosBox Lite Now



This is all about google’s storage restrictions. I recommend to read “news” on our website, read from “Android 11 and storage changes” to top. Then you will understand. Google sucks.

What you can do is : set “games” folder to private folder in survey. Then you will be on same speed like is lite version.

However private folder suffers of deletion risks during app uninstallation, so public storage is needed, i implememted strong cashing mechanism which significantly reduces lags. This patch will be released in next version. If you want, send me email, I can share beta for testing.

Lite version is now historical version and serves for bugs hunting between old and new access mechanism to storage and will be soon updated to work like full version. There is nothing to do, google blocks further development if all applications will not agree with restrictions.