Expert settings and GUI

Magic dosbox has two options on how to run game. First is through the GUI and the second is through the expert settings which  is basically a modified DOSBox config.


The GUI doesn’t provide advanced settings –  you’ll get that in ‘Expert settings’. Our goal is to let the GUI be simple and comprehensible for people who’ve either never used DOSBox or are not familiar with console-based operating systems. For running games manually you’ll need to set many options in the  DOSBox config.  The GUI strives to be a good middle-ground  between complex DOSBox config options and simplicity. We tried to make many options set by default in the GUI, and not bother novice users too much. You cannot run every game through the GUI, but most of them can be started without problems.  For example, Daggerfall, which is relatively hard to configure normally, runs well under the GUI.  AS users become more experienced, they can start playing with the Expert settings.

Expert settings

Magic DOSBox strives to support most classic DOSBox functionality. But over time some of the  settings diverged, and some were added.

cputype – Patch was taken from Ykhwong’s SVN. Valid values are

  • auto
  • 386
  • 486
  • pentium
  • 386_prefetch
  • pentium_mmx

vmemsize and vmemsizekb – options under [dosbox] section. Patch was taken from Ykhwong’s SVN. Amount of video memory in megabytes. The maximum resolution and color depth that svga_s3 will be able to display is determined by this value.

  • 0: 512k (800×600 at 256 colors)
  • 1: 1024×768 at 256 colors or 800×600 at 64k colors
  • 2: 1600×1200 at 256 colors or 1024×768 at 64k colors or 640×480 at 16M colors
  • 4: 1600×1200 at 64k colors or 1024×768 at 16M colors
  • 8: up to 1600×1200 at 16M colors