Reply To: nVidia Shield TV compatibility


Any progress on this? I’d love to commit to this app, but I can’t do so if it’s barely controllable on my Shield (so far I’m testing the free version and – UI control aside – it’s awesome).

The only thing I feel we really need for Shield (Android TV) use is being able to use a controller in the main menu (UI), even if this just means mapping the mouse to the right stick when this option is turned on so we can at least point and click at things without a touchscreen.

I don’t mind a controller being required (i.e. not just the remote) to use this app on Android TV, but right now it’s a real pain to use the proram because I’m switching between my real mouse to move around in the menus but needing my controller for back button, etc. use… so I’ve got to have both on my lap at the same time! In-game this isn’t an issue, as I expect to use either physical keyboard/mouse or controller (if I’ve set it up) when playing… it’s just the UI that’s the issue.