Reply To: MS-DOS 6.22, BBS/Telnet server, SHARE.EXE?


I’ll check for a command-line switch to turn off Share.exe use, & if that doesn’t work, I may try setting up iNiQUiTy instead of Mystic! (Though I have a feeling many Door games will not run without Share.exe either.)

I appreciate the tip, klyxmaster. Also glad to see I’m not the only one interested in setting up a BBS server via Magic DOSbox.

I believe Android really needs classic DOS BBS Door-game capability: The minimal data usage, extreme latency tolerance, & turn-based design of those old BBS systems & games seem ideally suited to deployment on mobile devices. Plus those great old games could definitely use an infusion of new interest which the Android community could provide.

Thanks for the ongoing support, Tony. I wasn’t sure whether serial1=modem was correct or not.

I’m aware that original MS-DOS isn’t explicitly supported under DOSbox, but if anyone can offer their tips, I still think that’s the most likely method for getting those old Door-games up & running.

If I make any progress, I’ll be sure to share the results here.