icon_mouse.png Various options for mouse and samsung stylus controlling.


Magic dosbox supports these mouse modes

  • disabled – disables mouse events
  • absolute – Absolute mouse tries to emulate intuitive touch mouse. But not all games are capable support it. Use “Special widget” with action “Mouse reset” to test if game support absolute mouse. After reset should be the mouse cursor in middle of the screen. If isn’t than you can try to set mouse resolution manually. The idea is to get mouse cursor to middle of the screen.
  • relative – works with every game

Version 1.0.29 adds possibility to define which button will be loaded as default on startup. Magic dosbox offers various ways how to change the default button during gameplay. Current state can be controlled now with “Current” button.

Samsung Galaxy Note stylus.

Version 1.0.13 starts to support samsung stylus. How it works…When you touch the screen than stylus clicks with currently set mouse button (default is left). Samsung stylus has button. Normally when you press it and touch the screen than opposite (right) click should be performed, but…samsung has screenshot ability hanged on this event. So you must perform right click with button pressed when stylus flies over screen. Samsung galaxy note 3 introduced new Air command menu which is very annoying and can be disabled this way.

Version 1.0.29 adds new option for spen.  It’s possible to define exact button for primary and secondary stylus action.  This means that touching the screen with finger is doing another mouse action like spen. This options can be disabled/enabled.