General settings

General settings is another options that can help to you improve playability of the game. This options is available when you start adventure and hit back button or menu. On bottom of the window are these settings.

  • Switcher between Play mode and Design mode. Play mode allows you to continue play the game. If you want add new widget change to design mode, than use long press on the screen.
  • Save layout. This saves your designed layouts.
  • Show keyboard
  • Quit dosbox

Middle of the window contains this

icon_specialkeys Special keys allows you to quick access to keys like F1-F12, Escape, Enter, …
icon_fade Quick expand/shrink dosbox screen
icon_resize_size You can resize expanded screen to appropriate size
icon_smooth Graphic filters
img_potionofpower Power means how strong emulation will be. Simply increase/decrease cycles in runtime. This option is available when automatic adjustment is disabled.
icon_frameskip Frame skip. Set higher value to increase performance.
img_scratch Gestures. Various touchscreen based gestures for handling the game.
icon_absolutemouse Mouse options
img_flash You can memorize current moment. It can help you later;)
icon_gallery List in memory
img_flamesword Special settings can help you tune adventure playability.
img_towngate Change keyboard
icon_voodoo Voodoo control. Support for external hardware joysticks like xbox 360 controller and similar.
img_shadow With this options you can hide or show all widgets
img_shadow Runecrafting – support for external ttf fonts. These can be used for widgets styling