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    Not sure how any of this is relevant. My request was just to have support for relative mounting paths for more flexible configurations; the full paths I used were just a mere example to illustrate my issue.

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    So sorry I’ve missed your emails, they were caught in the spam filter..
    It looks like you’ve made some progress, many thanks for that!

    I understand there’s no such thing as ‘running a programm from path X’. Therefore, what I’d like to see in MagicBox is that, inside the game configuration, I can choose an absolute base path (like “/storage/emulated/0/Games/Dos/Dune2/System”) path. With this base path, it would allow me to mount drives inside dosbox by relative paths only, relative of course to this base path.

    Note that this base path is *not* my C: drive in dosbox. I will manage the mounts of drive C (and others) myself inside dosbox in an autoexec.bat file, and the idea is to be able to mount them all in this relative path fashion, like
    MOUNT C "../GameRoot"
    MOUNT D "../GameExtra"
    MOUNT X "../../Common/Tools"
    instead of
    MOUNT C "/storage/emulated/0/Games/Dos/Dune2/GameRoot"
    MOUNT D "/storage/emulated/0/Games/Dos/Dune2/GameExtra"
    MOUNT X "/storage/emulated/0/Games/Dos/Common/Tools"

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    Still hoping this feature will make it to a release someday 🙂
    Or is it completely off the table?

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    Thanks, I’d be very grateful indeed 🙂

    I understand your concerns though, it’s probably not something you want to ‘bother’ the average user with. I’ll be perfectly happy with the option hidden away somewhere in the Expert commands configuration.

    I’m still surprised I’m in fact the first to ask 🙂 I would think there must be more ‘power users’ out there with custom launchers… Ah well 🙂

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    Thanks for your help

    I might have been unclear when I tried to explain my problem.
    Let me show you my use case:

    A typical DOS game in my library has the following folder structure, which contains the specific configurations, images, drives, scripts, launchers etc. needed for the game.
    Game structure

    This is what I am doing now on Windows (ykhwong):
    – I go to “\DOS\Games\Command & Conquer\Game – CD\System” and start DosBox from there.
    “\DOS\Games\Command & Conquer\Game – CD\System” is now my current working directory
    – This allows me to use a generic [autoexec] section for all my games to automatically mount the drives by using relative paths:

    MOUNT C: "..\GameRoot"
    MOUNT D: "..\GameExtra"
    MOUNT X: "..\..\..\..\_common"
    MOUNT Y: ".\Require"

    – With these drives automatically mounted inside DosBox, I can now run the game specific launcher in “Y:\MENU\LAUNCHER.BAT” from within DosBox
    – This launcher then mounts (if necessary) additional drives in the same manner, based on choices made in the launcher, like this:

    MOUNT E: "..\DiskImages\NOD.ISO" "..\DiskImages\GDI.ISO" -cdrom

    This makes DosBox very smooth to use; I can use one global [autoexec] to mount the correct drives for each game, because I mount them relative to my current working directory (and its folder structure is always the same)
    It also means I don’t have to worry about the full mounting paths inside the LAUNCHER.BAT, or when I want to mount something on the fly. Thirdly, I know it will still work if I move around my games on disk.

    I really want to maintain this structure of my library to use with Magic DosBox.
    But for Magic DosBox, as far as I know (and correct me if i’m wrong), I’m not able to use it like the way described above.

    – I have to change the [autoexec] mounts for each game to full absolute paths, like

    MOUNT C: "/mnt/sdcard/external_sd/long/path/to/find/my/DOS/Games/Command & Conquer/Game - CD/GameRoot"
    MOUNT D: "/mnt/sdcard/external_sd/long/path/to/find/my/DOS/Games/Command & Conquer/Game - CD/GameExtra"
    MOUNT X: "/mnt/sdcard/external_sd/long/path/to/find/my/DOS/_common"
    MOUNT Y: "/mnt/sdcard/external_sd/long/path/to/find/my/DOS/Games/Command & Conquer/Game - CD/System/Require"

    – And, for each game I have to modify my LAUNCHER.BAT for each mount as well;

    MOUNT E: "/mnt/sdcard/external_sd/long/path/to/find/my/DOS/Games/Command & Conquer/Game - CD/DiskImages/NOD.ISO" "/mnt/sdcard/external_sd/long/path/to/find/my/DOS/Games/Command & Conquer/Game - CD/DiskImages/GDI.ISO" -cdrom

    What I would like to see in Magic DosBox is, either in the ‘Game configuration’, or in the ‘Expert commands’ section, an option or property to select a directory as the current working directory, which will be used as base for relative mounting paths.

    Is this something worth considering adding?

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