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    on nougat and above increasing dpi (which is confusing because now lowering the number increases it ) causes the built in cursor to become smaller white circle on non rooted devices instead of the black pointer. the center of circle is transparent its just a white ring. it only occured when using controls mapped outside magic dosbox the Android system pointer wasnt present on my device if i mapped somthing as mouse in game (but the sensitivity is horrible and even harder to calibrate and i never got absolute mouse to work right in win9x games but worked great for dos games)

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    do u have a cap locks key? if not then on some keyboards a shift key acts as caps .the left shift on my sony chatpad is caps.

    in reply to: X-Wing Collector’s CD and TIE Fighter Floppy/CD #5471

    very nice aspect ratio btw . custom for a 3 sided border looks nice as far layout is concerned. i forgot it did that. i always play fullscreen with controller or keyboard i really dont use the widgets much or at all but it does look nice.

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    so is this the rerelease , GoG, or Origin version ? GoG self extracting packages wont install for me , it says it needs a higher version of windows 🙁

    in reply to: List of supported Win3.1 and Win9.x Games #5467

    its plays really well. i remeber this from the first xbox. super stoked.

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    starsiege : tribes works pretty damn well. it requires 16 bit color and the installer crashed when it asked me if i wanted a desktop shortcut but it is crisp 🙂 . i downloaded the free version of the game that was released via there web site for the 25th anniversary (all of the series is there in iso format except battledrone and it might be included with earthsiege 2 but alas the installer crashes and ive yet to find a fix)

    in reply to: Relative mount path #5456

    Ummm not saying yours is wrong we might have different directory structure but my path is not /mnt/sdcard/extsdcard/ its /mnt/media_rw/1234-5678/mygame.img if navigating from the mnt folder in the root directory. Double check if you can and see if yours is . My internals is /mnt/sdcard/ so there may be some confusion because logically id assume your path or somthing similar if i didnt look through the mnt folder first.

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    external keyboards and controllers is where i went with it . The built in keymapper is top-notch (i like it better than ds4windows)
    i had my chatpad hooked into my ps4 controller and i mapped everykey ! Dosbox turbo has a maximun 20 defined keymaps (as in you can reassign 20 keys it recognized all of keyboard)i ran out of keys with magic dosbox lol.

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    Try switching keyboards. Occasionally the dosbox keyboard fails to show (everytime i change orientation in game it happens) but my device keyboard still pops up the left keyboard is dosbox the right is system in bottom of settings . (way to cover all the bases devs)i wish thumbkeyboard had a completely transparent theme, the built in one is the best ive come across but hackers has a passable transparent theme

    in reply to: Win 95 c: storage? #5453

    ws2.32.dll is winsock 2

    in reply to: Win 95 c: storage? #5452

    Dies it register as an mmx or just pentium ? Mine wont do mmx unless i set cpu to normal :/

    in reply to: List of supported Win3.1 and Win9.x Games #5451

    Oh sorry i use dynamic pentium and have varied the cycles between max 105% and 120% using the following cycle variables : cycleup=10
    cycledown=20 and cycleup=500 cycledown=500. I have also tried with no cycle variable. I have tried pentium_mmx but unless i switch to normal it shows as pentium in control panel/settings and normal crashes every install. I have tried pentium_slow but it has never registered as that just says pentium. I just realized earthsiege 2 only requires a 486 ill try that 🙂

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    What installer did you use ? Id like to play earthsiege 2 but the installer crashes when you (a) allow it to do system scan crash at cd-rom (b) if you skip it gets to install in C:/sierra/eathsiege2 asks if correct if select no it crashes. I remeber being able to use alternate installer as hack back in the day specifically leisure suit larry’s installer but i dont remeber the details .

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    G-NOME By 7th lvl games v1.0
    Heavy Gear By Activision v1.0 and unofficial update 1.2 (1.1 adds way too much texture couldnt get it to play after launch)

    in reply to: voodoo2 3dfx drivers !!! #5432

    Has internal emulation been tried ? (I mean from within a windows environment e.g. djvoodoo or the like)

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