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    Al ex

    Haha yes, they didn’t care much about smooth controls back then. But once you’ve gotten used to it, Ultima Underworld is actually very playable. Although I’m using a dpad (mapped to WSAD), I also have an extra “Walk” button (mapped to s) on the right side of the screen. This way, I can walk with the right thumb, and steer left/right with the left thumb. That’s much more convenient and precise. I only use dpad up (w) when I really need to run, e.g. when I want to take a long jump.

    It might even be a good idea to have walk and run on the right, and only turn left/rifgh and strafe left/right on the left side of the screen.


    Controls are a bit clanky, sure. But to be fair, this game was revolutionary when it came out. It must be the first game with a true 3D environment even if the monsters and NPC’s are just sprites. I remember being fascinated by the technology back when it was new.

    I have been testing various pad and joystick solutions on Magic Dosbox, and I don’t know… I just prefer to use buttons like you can see on my screenshot. I’m not a big fan of frenzied action games. In a game like UW there is seldom the need to move very quickly, just the way I like it. I will probably have a go at Doom, Quake and Duke at some point, I might need to rethink my strategy then. When I use a pad on the edge of the screen, and then are watching the action of the screen, I feel that I lose control over where my pad finger is. There is nothing to hang on to.

    The keyboard movements in UW was a pain, but when you can map them to widgets it gets much better. But jumping is still annoying. I have found that I can get by in many places by using the standing long jump (shift-J) if I position my character just right. And save before I try. 😊

    My character is now at level 7 so I should be able to cast Levitate, but I lack the rune stones. I’m on my way now to take care of a troublesome Gazer on level 2 of the dungeon now, hopefully it has some good stones. But maybe the Gazer ends up taking care of me… 😊

    Al ex

    Aw, sweet memories. 😍

    That sense of sheer loniness in this game was absolutely unique back then, and it still works today. I have to get back into UW soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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