Play games larger than 2GB in Win95…?

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    I’m trying to play “Planescape Torment” but the game is huge!! The game comes with 4 cds with a total of 2.5GB in size (and that’s ONLY the cds). How can I play this game in dosbox-win95-emulation? Same thing with Baldurs Gate, this game also comes with 4 CDs aswell and will get me the same problem as above.

    Is there any way to play these “huge” games larger than 2GB?

    I managed to install Planescape Torment into my host-PC, then I copyied the movies/music from the 3 CDS into the installed drive, then I used a “no-CD-crack” to be able to skip the CD-swapping in magic dosbox. The installed game folder was now 1.9GB so I used the “2gb HDD image” and injected it with WinImage and trasfered the img file into my tablet. The game starts but an error comes up saying that my computer has too low disk space to be able to play.

    Al ex

    2GB is a hard limit in Win95, the OS simply didn’t support more back in the day. You might be able to kinda hack this game to run (copy all files to a huge ISO image, copy that to a 2 GB D: drive, mount that iso from within Win95 booted from a C: drive) – but I’d strongly suggest you simply get the Android port from Beamdog. It’s not cheap (10 bucks), but there are zero microtransactions, and all their ports are really well made (also BG 1&2, IWD, NWN).


    Alex is right 2GB is limit. Full truth is, you can have 2 x 2GB – (c: and d:). But really, both games were ported to android and works well with enhanced engine.


    Ah, I thought that the C drive was limited to 512mb! My bad..I will try to make a new larger Win95.img. Then I should be able to play the game. Thanks!

    And I will check out the android ports aswell, thanks guys!


    As said, check the Android port. Its MILES better to play it on mobile than using mdb. Ive completed all games in my phone, s7 galaxy edge with exynos chipset ( BG1,2 IWD1,2 PS:T and NWN 😛 )… size screen is not a dealbreaker and usability is very good.

    Furthermore, I think that PS:T and other infinity engine games are built for xin xp and wont work on win 95. Plus I imagine that the loading times on a phone would be scary.

    Furthermore, there is a free engine reimplementation called GEMrb. Its a bit of a pain to set up and has some bugs but you can play through the full game. And other as well like BG1, 2 and IWD1 ( IWD2 is unpolished and uncompletable thou )

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