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    First, I just want to say thanks again for the amazing emulator. Your amazing emulator definitely takes up the lions share of my gaming time 🙂
    because I play on my tablet and phone, it would be amazing if I could have the time travel save those states to Google drive. I know it’s a bit tricky given we name our own games, but perhaps it can be an opt in feature where we acknowledge the syncing occurs on games with the same exact name? I dunno, I just know it would be an amazing feature to have.

    I know your busy with Google plays 64-bit shenanigans, but it you could keep this in mind that would be wonderful!

    Thanks again for an unbelievable emulator.



    Hm maybe it can be done with android synchronization. For me it means that I must store login and password and this is problem, google made various stupid rules when it comes to GDPR.

    Maybe this app “autosync for google drive “

    Al ex
    Al ex

    I was thinking of kinda the same. You can try Automate, I’ve been using it to create automated backups of a floppy disk image I was using to store savegames of some of my Win95 games (because fdd images are small and can be quickly synced). It’s dead useful, similar to Tasker, but with a flowchart UI to set things up more comfortably.

    To get you started quickly, here’s my Automate flow (make sure to change sdcard and Google Drive settings to match yours).

    You can duplicate a working flow, so you’ve got one for each game. Instead of monitoring a single fdd image, you might want to monitor the game’s save folder instead, but apart from that, my flow file should do the trick.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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