Falcon 3.0 (Basic Layout)

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    falcon 3 components

    falcon 3 demo

    First, many thanks to anyone and everyone who had anything to do with the developement of MDB. It really is the best.
    Well, Falcon 3.0. This is probably not on anyone’s fave list here but for those that are into this sort of thing, here you go. This profile was made on a miniphone (5-inch 1280×720). I used the Multi-Function/Page Display layout familar to flight simmers. And I used a tiny font to fit as many widgets as I can.
    Basically, you can get to anything you need by way of the Controls Page (CONTROLS widget on the lower right corner). Once in the cockpit, its CONTROLS, then HOTAS. Open/close FLIT STIC and TRTL QDRT as needed. Then its back to CONTROLS for everything else. The COMBAT CONTROLS(MASTER SWITCH) and MASTR SAFE both open the Combat Controls page. Its basically a Frequently-Used-Items page. Everything in it is a duplicate from other pages so feel free to delete what you don’t use a lot and add what you do. The MASTR ARMED widget closes the Combat Controls page.
    There’s a dedicated JOYSTICK CALIBRATION page via MISC. CONTROLS page with its own colored joystick that makes the side and corners easier to see during calibration. I left-in the Scratchpad layer that I used to make/test out new widgets and combos. It has an invisible switch in the MISC CONTROLS page, on the corner between PLANNER and END MISSION. Also, the original, simpler Throttle Quadrant layer was left-in if you prefer that.
    Vertical swipes are set for CONTROLS and PLANNER. While Horizontal swipes are set for Flight Mode(HOTAS, AIRCRAFT CONTROLS) and Combat Mode(switch COMBAT CONTROLS). The Volume Rocker is set for ENTER KEY(Cycle AA Weapons) and CONTROLS widget as per my gamepad’s multimedia keys. If you’re not using a gamepad, you probably wanna change ENTER KEY to SPACEBAR(Fire Weapon).
    Just ignore/delete the Portrait Keyboard. Its the default layout on my master/generic profile that I duplicate and test all my new games with.
    Well, enjoy. And feel free to edit and post your own version for others.




    Awesome! Many thanks.

    *you can push mdosbox to landscape orientation forever in advanced settings, this way will be portrait mode disabled 🙂

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