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    I’m not great on writing tuts, so I’m going to stick to some basic things.

    Option Toggle – try to reduce screen clutter

    Transmute – toggle between werewolf/human, May have to remap the target for the ring on inventory screen.

    Attack-This is now set to toggle the left mouse button, there is a slight delay so try not to click attack and swipe to fast or you’ll move. And as I just did this you’ll want to not use the attack button to select things. Tap the screen.

    Action-Operate Objects, Note if sneak or run or anything that uses a key toggle action will not work on bodies and treasures on the ground unless you deactivate whatever toggles is on.

    FS Toggle – Full-screen toggle, this and character can restore lost widgets..

    Pause – OH S$-t I slashed to fast and turned away from the target!

    QLoad, Qsave, SFS, Quick Load, Quick Save and So Far Save (bottom right square), SFS is extremely time sensitive, so your best bet is to look at the ceiling. DO NOT depend on Qsave, if daggerfall has one of its save failures you’ll be stuck going back to an SFS save.

    Show – toggle between DF UI and DOS like controls.

    UP, Down – swim and levitate.

    Mouse – Toggle relative and absolute.

    The rest you can figure just by knowing the game.

    Things like toggle will have to be double clicked after saves and other things as the game turns it off and MDB does not know that.

    If you loose widgets, try full-screen, character or inventory to restore them..

    Everywhere it was possible I used absolute mouse as to make it as much as touch as possible. it’ll toast on mouse toggle.

    And be aware twice during fights on swiping to attack I’ve had every widget on the screen disappear, just a heads up, as of yet I have no clue why.

    OH and the attack and bow toggle are Pixel trap dependant, Bows are the same, but swords aren’t, So you have to redo the PT for:

    SwordAttackBtn St Daka

    I have another one there for Dwarven swords. (Yellow)

    If you need help just give a shout.

    And let me know what you think. 🤔


    Daggerfall UI



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